If you are in need of a good laugh, a laugh that you cannot control, then you need to spend about five minutes with Laci & Zane, & your abs will be hurting! I have known Laci since sixth grade, & she was always so kind to me. She has a heart of gold. We […]


March 24, 2020

The Depot in Brownwood, Texas Engagement Session | Laci + Zane

Yay!! You are ENGAGED! **que the confetti** So, you’ve chosen your husband, your venue, your photographer, & I am sure you have chosen more vendors or at least have an idea! Now, ENGAGEMENT PORTRAITS! Let’s Talk Location: If you are not sure where you would like to take your engagement portraits, I am sure your […]


March 22, 2020

Prepare for Your Engagement Session!

Preparing for Your Engagement Session | Texas Engagement Photographer

When I first started photography two years ago, I began to follow photographers that I looked up to. I started following Luisa & her husband because they were photographed by the husband & wife team Amy & Jordan. I saw their photos, & thought, ‘Man, I would love to photograph the one day.” I kept […]


March 22, 2020

A Monahans Sandhills Session | Luisa + Douglas

David & Destiny both have the sweetest hearts. I actually graduated from the same college as they had just graduated from. Watching them get married & capturing their day gave me goosebumps. The sweet couple had a prayer before their wedding, & I could not help but shed a tear. I know, that’s a shocker! […]


March 21, 2020

White Pool House Midland, Texas Wedding | Destiny + David

A White Pool House Wedding | Destiny + David