Preparing for Your Engagement Session | Texas Engagement Photographer

Prepare for Your Engagement Session!


Yay!! You are ENGAGED! **que the confetti**

So, you’ve chosen your husband, your venue, your photographer, & I am sure you have chosen more vendors or at least have an idea! Now, ENGAGEMENT PORTRAITS!

Let’s Talk Location:

If you are not sure where you would like to take your engagement portraits, I am sure your photographer (or I) know a great place for them. You may have a sentimental location that you & your hubby-to-be find important. Whatever you choose, I know it’ll be beautiful! Give me good light, & I can make any location look beautiful!

Preparing for Your Engagement Session | Texas Engagement Photographer

Let’s Talk Outfits:

Solid or unbusy prints are the way to go for the ladies. A perfect flowy dress tops it all off. Pastels and earth tones truly photograph well. For the guys, I am sorry to say, but the baseball caps & sunglasses have to stay in the car! (I promise your wifey-to-be will thank you.) The best suggestion for tops for men is a light, solid color that compliments your outfit. As for your pants, nice jeans or slacks will be perfect!

I am always asked how many outfits they are able to wear during our session. My answer is: I suggest two. A casual outfit (blouse & jeans) & a more formal outfit (flowy or formal dress). Your guy can either change or stay in the same outfit if it matches. If he does change for your formal outfit, a sports coat always makes the outfit pop!

Let’s Talk Nerves:

Trust that you have hired someone who knows what they are doing. My personality definitely helps warm the mood. I do not just jump in to poses or prompts that are uncomfortable. I start off with a few normal poses or prompts & then go from there. I can tell when you are ready! By the end of the shoot, you guys will be pros! I always hear, “Man, that was fun!” or “That wasn’t so bad!” from the men. I enjoy people.

Let’s Talk ‘The Wait’:

I know, I know! It is such a hard & loooong wait to receive your engagement session gallery, but I can promise you that it is worth the wait. Editing to perfection takes time. Once you get your gallery, you will be able to download & print them for personal use. Use them on your Save the Dates, invitations, display them at your wedding, & your home together! (I have so many of my own hanging up in my home!)

Let’s Talk the Details:

I do suggest to all clients that you look into getting your make-up (and hair if possible) professionally done. It really can make the images POP, and it can be the icing on the cake! I definitely have some recommendations!

Midland Recommendations:

Make-up: Jen McNally

Hair & Make-up: Kendall Greer

Would you like a bouquet to top it all off? I have a great florist recommendation as well! A bouquet can be a great piece to add to your look!

Florist: Velvet Mesquite Designs

Engagement sessions are definitely something that I look forward to! We are going to have so much fun! Contact me for any questions that you may have about your session!



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