Preparing for Your Engagement Session | Texas Engagement Photographer

Prepare for Your Engagement Session!

Yay!! You are ENGAGED! **que the confetti**

So, you’ve chosen your husband, your venue, your photographer, & I am sure you have chosen more vendors or at least have an idea! Now, ENGAGEMENT PORTRAITS!

Let’s Talk Location:

If you are not sure where you would like to take your engagement portraits, I am sure your photographer (or I) know a great place for them. You may have a sentimental location that you & your hubby-to-be find important. Whatever you choose, I know it’ll be beautiful! Give me good light, & I can make any location look beautiful!

Preparing for Your Engagement Session | Texas Engagement Photographer

Let’s Talk Outfits:

Solid or unbusy prints are the way to go for the ladies. A perfect flowy dress tops it all off. Pastels and earth tones truly photograph well. For the guys, I am sorry to say, but the baseball caps & sunglasses have to stay in the car! (I promise your wifey-to-be will thank you.) The best suggestion for tops for men is a light, solid color that compliments your outfit. As for your pants, nice jeans or slacks will be perfect!

I am always asked how many outfits they are able to wear during our session. My answer is: I suggest two. A casual outfit (blouse & jeans) & a more formal outfit (flowy or formal dress). Your guy can either change or stay in the same outfit if it matches. If he does change for your formal outfit, a sports coat always makes the outfit pop!

Let’s Talk Nerves:

Trust that you have hired someone who knows what they are doing. My personality definitely helps warm the mood. I do not just jump in to poses or prompts that are uncomfortable. I start off with a few normal poses or prompts & then go from there. I can tell when you are ready! By the end of the shoot, you guys will be pros! I always hear, “Man, that was fun!” or “That wasn’t so bad!” from the men. I enjoy people.

Let’s Talk ‘The Wait’:

I know, I know! It is such a hard & loooong wait to receive your engagement session gallery, but I can promise you that it is worth the wait. Editing to perfection takes time. Once you get your gallery, you will be able to download & print them for personal use. Use them on your Save the Dates, invitations, display them at your wedding, & your home together! (I have so many of my own hanging up in my home!)

Let’s Talk the Details:

I do suggest to all clients that you look into getting your make-up (and hair if possible) professionally done. It really can make the images POP, and it can be the icing on the cake! I definitely have some recommendations!

Midland Recommendations:

Make-up: Jen McNally

Hair & Make-up: Kendall Greer

Would you like a bouquet to top it all off? I have a great florist recommendation as well! A bouquet can be a great piece to add to your look!

Florist: Velvet Mesquite Designs

Engagement sessions are definitely something that I look forward to! We are going to have so much fun! Contact me for any questions that you may have about your session!


“You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.”

1 Peter 3:4