A San Angelo, Texas Engagement

A San Angelo, Texas Engagement | Miranda + Marc — During the COVID-19 Crisis


I am so happy to be Miranda & Marc’s wedding photographer! I traveled to San Angelo to do their engagement session, & it was so much fun! They rocked it. Their wedding was suppose to be on April 25, 2020, but with all of the craziness with the social distancing, they must postpone. I am in awe of how well these brides that are having to postpone & cancel their weddings are handing it so well. I am sure there are freak out moments, and I am sure it has not been all positive. I could not imagine having these trials right before my wedding. It is reschedule a stressful time, but I am so proud of this industry coming together with reschedules & & new plans. Even if some photographers are not available on their couples wedding day, they are coming together to work everything out as best as possible for their bride & groom. It is such a rough time, but I love watching everyone be so understanding. I hope see everyone continue to be kind even when this is all over.

I cannot wait for Miranda & Marc’s wedding! I will tell you more about them on their wedding blog, so be on the look out for their wedding this fall.


A San Angelo Engagement



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