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One of the most rewarding moments of a photographer’s is when a fellow photographer asks you to take their portraits. Jenny is a photographer in Victoria, Texas. Aaron is a tattoo artist there as well. They were the most amazing couple! They are so in love, & it shows tremendously. Laughter definitely happened at our session together. This beautiful home in Victoria was the perfect location. The light was amazing. The houses looked as if I was in the middle of Charleston, North Carolina. Let me tell you, Their bouquet by Kurt & Company was absolutely exquisite. It was a fine art bouquet with pinks, oranges, & peaches. Jenny knew everything that would make this session stand out. I was so happy to make her vision come alive! The funniest part was when a cat would not leave us alone. It left us laughing for the rest of the session. I couldn’t describe the beauty anymore than the actual images can. I hope you enjoy this gorgeous anniversary session.


A Victoria, Texas Anniversary Session | Jenny + Aaron

March 19, 2020

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