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I honestly don’t even know where to begin with Daphne & Chris. They are literally the best. It makes me a tad emotional thinking about the friendship that we created before, during, & after their wedding process. When Daphne contacted me, I literally jumped for joy! We immediately had a phone consult, & we knew we were the perfect match!

Daphne & I would voice memo all the time talking alllllll of the wedding things! Daphne wanted to add an engagement shoot to their package, so her & Chris packed up in Killeen & headed to ole West Texas to do their engagement shoot at the Monahans Sandhills. Can I just say that it was absolutely magical. I swear they should be models! We ate dinner, & we literally became best friends immediately.

Now, Chris & Daphne are Puerto Rican, so Daphne Daphne has a little sass, & it is so adorable! During their first look, Chris spun Daphne, & she did the cutest little dance! Chris was in awe of Daphne. (Cue the tears again.) When these two take pictures together, they are on fire! The passion is unreal. They are definitely mean to be together. It was undeniable.

During their ceremony, they read their vows to each other, & let me tell you, it was a tear jerker! (Have you figured out that I am a cry baby, & I love love so much?) Their first dance was on fire. It was like they were the only two in the room (besides me capturing the fire). I couldn’t be happier for the Donatos. They are going to have such a lifetime of happiness!



Austin, Texas Wedding | Daphne + Chris

November 2, 2019

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