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I am head over heels for Madi & Hayden’s wedding! It was such a special day. I have known Hayden’s family for a very long time to the point that they are like family to me. I was so honored to capture their love story! They met when in Zephyr at a restaurant. Madi got up the nerve to talk to Hayden, & Hayden was definitely intrigued! They have been together ever since, & now they are starting their lives as husband & wife!

Madi & Hayden chose to do a first look, & Hayden got a HILARIOUS surprise! Aaron, a groomsmen & the Maid of Honor’s husband, came out in a wedding dress instead of Madi. When Hayden turned around & saw Aaron, his face was priceless! He could contain his laughter! (Neither could I) HAHA! After that calmed down (It took a minute for everyone to get it together hah!), Madi walked to her sweet future hubby, & all was right in the world. When Hayden turned around, he immediately put his hand over his face in awe of his bride. It was literally the sweetest. This is usually when the tears flow for me!

When they were announced husband & wife, Hayden kissed his bride, & they popped confetti in celebration! Madi told me before the wedding that Hayden BEGGED her to have the songĀ Pretty Fly for a White Guy as their exit song. Madi told him no, but little did he know that she planned for the DJ to play it, & Hayden was ECSTATIC! haha!

Madi & Hayden’s wedding was what dreams were made of. The Duran Hotel is an amazing venue to have a wedding. The house, the trees, the water, & the scenery were perfect for the love story of Madi & Hayden. I couldn’t have pictured a more perfect day.


Duran Hotel Texas Wedding | Madison + Hayden

October 5, 2019

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