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Lacohn + Brady

Let me just start off by saying that Lacohn is literally just as adorable that you can imagine. Brady was missing the World Series just to do this shoot, and he was SUCH a trooper!

When I had the idea to do a bicycle styled shoot, I knew I had to get Hannah involved with me! Finding the perfect models, dress, bouquet, and bicycle were a high priority. We wanted to make this styled shoot as bomb as we could! Finding the perfect dress that fit our “pastel summer” theme was actually the easiest part. Lulus ALWAYS comes in clutch. The bouquet was made by the lovely Elizabeth Resch of Velvet Mesquite Designs. I give here a small idea, and she comes through more than expected!

(Funny little story) I went to Brew Street Bakery to get their UH-MAZING JalapeƱo Popper Flat Bread Pizza, and you know when you’ve only met someone once, you kinda still aren’t sure what they look like? Yeah, I swore up and down that I saw Elizabeth there right before I was suppose to pick up the bouquet. We were even texting. Of course, we’ve only met once, so I didn’t really think she’d recognize me even if it was her. So, I text her back to see if she looks at her phone, and she does! She goes outside, and I order (that delicious flat bread). Naturally, I had to text her and ask the creepiest question, “Do you happen to be at Brew Street?” Her reply was, “Lol yes. Are you here?” So, it turns out my instincts were right!

Anyways… I could go on and on and on about Jen McNally. Her make-up skills are RIDICULOUS! She never disappoints. Ever. She is the sweetest as well! We could literally probably talk for hours and hours. Lacohn and Brady were phenomenal as you can see! They KILLED it. Hannah did an INCREDIBLE job finding this sweet couple! They have been married for three years!

I am literally obsessed with this styled shoot! Watch out for more coming from Hannah and me! We have some styled shoots up our sleeves, and we just might be inviting other photographers.


Hostesses: Chelsea Farner and Hannah McCarroll

Photographer: Chelsea Farner Photographs

Make-up: Jen McNally

Bouquet: Velvet Mesquite Designs

Dress: Lulus

Midland, Texas | Bicycle Styled Shoot

June 26, 2019

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